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Howdy! I'm Rachelle, the face behind Mariposa. You're pry wondering "Why the name Mariposa?" I love businesses that have a story behind their name and wanted my business name to have a story that reflected my personal life and beliefs.

While pursuing my Hospitality, Restaurant, and Tourism Management degree from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln, I worked at AAA Rents and Event Services in Lincoln. I became close with my co-workers and looked to them for advice on what "big girl job" I should take after graduation.

Christmas 2016 my manager gave my co-workers and I a "Watchover Voodoo" keychain that related to each of our lives. Mine was a butterfly that said "I will help you to spread your wings and become everything that you were meant to be... Mariposa." 

One afternoon, I was telling my aunt about the "Watchover Voodoo" keychain. After I completed the story we both looked at each other and said "that's it, that's the name!" Thus, Mariposa. 

Mariposa is about transformation, self growth, and taking risks!